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Raw Food Heals Family Ailments

Dear Tonya,

There have been many times I wanted to write and thank you and tell you how much you and Journey of Health have helped me and my family. You may be surprised to know how much you have helped me unknowingly and that is why today I finally sat down to write this email to you.

My son has a neurological disorder and is allergic to many foods, like gluten, casein, food color, beans, corn, etc. I have tried every kind of diet like GF-CF, SCD, BEDA and D-Enzyme. Few diets are good for him and preparing new foods and diets were really difficult for me. And the foods have no variation. I was half-witted, how can I sustain my diet at the same time and give him proper nutrition?

One day I was waiting for one of my friends near Scotia Bank. There was enough time before she arrived so I wanted to take a walk to the nearby shops. Suddenly I see a strange signboard (Journey of Health) with a nice red apple picture on it. I was so curious and went into the shop. One tall guy was there (Cody). I didn't ask him anything just browsing the inside of the shop and the shelves. I was really surprise to see the label of the items: "RAW FOOD". The tall guy came to me and very friendly asks me if I needed any help. I ask "What is raw food?" He told me there is one class next Sunday to introduce the recipes of raw foods and the class is free of cost. I thought, "Raw food and recipes, how was it possible? I was so curious. Did he tell me "free"? I didn't hesitate a single moment, I registered my name for the next Sunday.

The next Sunday class was waiting for me with lots of surprise and excitement. After coming back home I served some samples to my son and my husband (who is the pickiest eater in the world), they finished those with in few seconds and I was so happy that I decided to go and learn seriously about raw food. I attended the Raw Breakfast Class, the Green Smoothie class, the Level I Chef Certification class, the Juice Class, Raw Pasta Class and many more I can't remember. Every time I go to a class I learn new things.

Tonya, you and Cody are so knowledgeable that I can get any questions answered from you. I would especially say your store is a one stop raw food shopping store. I can get all my raw food ingredients, supplies, gadgets and knowledge all in one place. The last one and a half years my family has been 40% to 80% on the raw food diet. And we are so happy. My son's allergies are getting less, my husband is getting enough enzymes, and my acidity as well as my migraine is almost gone.

Now you know Tonya why I told you that you have saved our family. I am thankful that you and your husband are passionate about raw foods and love educating people about this wonderful new way of eating. God bless you my friend.

with love