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Live Blood Analysis Testimony

This email was sent to me just the other day and it really made me fully appreciate and love my husband. Patti attended my juice feast course and when I saw her after I came back from Texas, I could not believe how great she looked. I asked if she did the juice feast, she said no I followed Cody's recommended diet. Here is her story:

Dear Tonya and Cody,

I am writing to thank-you for being the pivotal point in my Journey of Health. At the end of May 2009 I was feeling old and tired. I was developing arthritis symptoms and had a mysterious pain in my side for about 4 years. I felt much older than my 46 years. I am 5 ft 1 in tall and weighed 148 lbs. I was too tired to prepare meals for my family and we ate out a lot. My health is very important to me and I did not know why I could not lose weight or feel good. I was dabbling in raw food but nothing was changing. It wasn't working. I "discovered" Tonya and Cody through an article in the Neighbors paper and checked them out and attended Tonya's classes. Then I learned Tonya was going on a Juice Fast and I jumped at the chance to join her. In the meantime I thought I would like to document my journey so I could look back and measure any improvements or progress. Tonya had recommended Cody's Live Blood Cell Analysis. I made an appointment not knowing what to expect. Cody looked at my blood and could see where my problems were.

He recommended a diet that wouldn't spike my blood sugar and would balance my hormones. The diet was easy to do and you could customize it to your liking. I followed Tonya's blog and wondered if I should start Juice Feasting along with her. Then I noticed my joints were not stiff anymore and my clothes were getting loose. I weighed myself and I was shocked! I had lost 20 lbs in one month. I realized I had energy and the pain in my side was almost gone. I was no longer on the couch at 6 PM. After 2 months I had lost 27 lbs and fit in a size 7. I never ever thought I was going to feel so good and lose all my extra weight again in my life. For me it is a miracle.

Thank-you so much Cody, I feel like you have given me my life back. I really owe you and I don't know how to thank you for your gift. I COULD NEVER HAVE DONE IT WITHOUT YOU. Somehow seeing what's really going on inside me empowered and motivated me to take the action you recommended . The results have been astounding. People keep asking me how I did it and I send them to Cody at Journey of Health and let him work his magic. I can go back periodically and Cody will check my progress and that is really exciting.
Patti Macaulay