Healing with Raw Foods


Diagnosed with Diabetes 1

Hi, my name is Lois Chester I was diagnosed as pre diabetic in the fall of 2006, after a routine physical showed myblood sugar level at 14 (normal is between 4 and 6). This came as a complete surprise to me. I was at a healthy weight, my cholesterol and blood pressure were good and there wasn't a family history of diabetes.

Well...I wasn't about to go on medication (or so I thought), so I started making changes in my diet. I would feel okay for a while then I would have to make more changes. Eventually I just wasn't feeling good at all; I was always tired, and my brain was foggy.

After further investigation and additional blood work I was diagnosed as a type one diabetic (at the age of 45), and had to start insulin in April 2010. Prior to the blood work my endocrinologist had suggest that I may be type 1 and insulin may be in my future, so it had given me time to get use to the idea and do more research on insulin. I now take four needles a day in my stomach. Did I mention I was afraid of needles?! Although I must say, I feel better and my brain doesn't feel foggy.

During those years I did a lot of research on diabetes and healthy diets. I attended seminars and lectures, and took nutrition courses. Included in that was a raw food weekend workshop, where I made raw foods and consumed only raw foods. It was fascinating! I found that, besides being delicious, raw food was great for my blood sugar numbers. Approximately an hour and a half after my meal my numbers were between 5.5 and 7, which is incredible (normal would be between 6 and 10). Needless to say, I started to look at this seriously.

I was scheduled to see Cody for a blood analysis and arrived a few minutes early and had the opportunity to talk to Tonya, although I had already read There is a Cure for Diabetes by Gabriel Cousens she suggested the Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine by the same author. It was great because they rent out books at Journey of Health, so I rented the book...then I purchased the book (it is that good!). Having the book Rainbow Green Live Food Cuisine allowed me to follow the Phase 1 eating plan with a large recipe selection. I found the recipes easy to follow and enjoy making them. Tonya was very supportive offering any help that I may need along the way. With their store it made it easy to purchase raw foods, super foods and supplements that are not readily available at the grocery store or at Natural Health Food Stores.

Having the live blood analysis with Cody was beneficial in letting me know what was going on in my body that the doctors could not tell me about, high cholesterol, candida and some other issues. It was nice and refreshing to have Cody suggest some diet changes as opposed to a ton of supplements.

I have found that both Cody and Tonya to be very generous with their time and so helpful in sharing information and resources that would work for me. I have recently attended a few raw food workshops that Tonya puts on and they are amazing...great information and tasty recipes. I love raw foods and enjoy making raw foods, I love the flexibility that it offers and once you get the hang of it, it is really not that much different than preparing a cooked meal.

Raw foods are nutritious, feeding my body the most enzymes, which in turn is easier on my digestive system. I feel that my pancreas, liver and kidneys are very happy as they don't have to work so hard, which in turn means I do not have to take so much insulin.

I have now been on Dr. Gabriel Cousens' Phase 1 food plan for eight weeks. The idea is to go on a raw, vegan diet for a period of 3 months. That should be long enough to clean out the mycotoxins in my body. He also recommends taking out caffeine, alcohol, and high glycemic foods including fruit and vegetables like carrots and winter squash. About a month into Phase 1, I have been able to eliminate two of my insulin shots a day consistently. I no longer take my bed time insulin and I have not had to take insulin at breakfast. I do take a small amount of insulin (.5 units to 1.5 units) for lunch and dinner. I am ecstatic that I have been able to eliminate two needles a day!! It makes me feel good to be able to eliminate part of the insulin regime the less medication that I need to put in my body I think the better off I am.

Gabriel does suggest starting Phase 1 with a juice feast but because I had eliminated so much from my diet prior to I didn't think that was necessary. But after taking Tonya's Juice Feast workshop and I now have a better understanding of juicing I have decided to give it a try. Today, Nov 24 is day four of my juice feast.

I find the process that I have been going through so amazing that I decided to share my experience. I created a website and a blog if you want to check in, it is www.lotusliving.net.

Thank you.
Lois Chester