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All people who marry before God, family and friends want a successful marriage. So WHY is the divorce rate close to 50% even for Christian couples? Is it because there is so many myths in our culture that work directly against us? Sadly, statistics also show an additional 10% increase for the rate of divorce with each successive marriage, so we are seldom if ever learning from our mistakes! These myths are powerful and ingrained into our individual minds, so we need the right information to identify what is actually wrong, and what is really correct and how to implement it. You can trust the Marriage Today system that is proven to be 100% successful, even if you are starting in a most difficult situation. Our Marriage Today classes are great for couples (and singles) that want to learn how to have the marriage of their dreams. Call for more information; Cody @ 403-254-5991, or Tonya @ 587-707-4117.

e.g.The Most Important Issue in Marriage:

Are you depending your spouse to meet your deepest needs? It's a fact of life, people are going to let us down and frustrate us. Hurts from our parents, a dating relationship or even our spouse can leave us feeling rejected and heartbroken. Life's not like a movie. We have to work at our happily ever after. Marriage was created by God as a spiritual union, not simply a piece of paper, and it is Creator God's desire to be an integral part of your relationship. In order to find fulfillment and total satisfaction, God needs to be at the center of your life and your marriage. In this course, we will discover the most important issue that will determine if you are going to have the marriage of your dreams....

e.g.The Four Foundational Laws of Marriage:

Marriage works when you do it God's way. While many people desperately want a marriage that succeeds, fewer and fewer really believe that it can happen for them. It's difficult to find successful marriages when there are so many casualties in relationships. You've probably asked yourself, "How can I know we are going to make it?" I want our marriage to succeed and not end up as another divorce statistic." No one gets married just to see their relationship fail a few years later. We marry in order to spend our lives with someone, not to experience a mediocre marriage or the devastation of divorce. What makes it even more sad is that divorce is totally unnecessary. People want to succeed in marriage, they just don't know how. Few realize that God created marriage based on four foundational laws. When you obey these laws, you can know that your marriage will succeed.

Marriage Today Classes

Marriage Today Classes Marriage Help / Restoration & Healing
You have a 100% chance for success when you get God's truth into your marriage. See more descriptions of all 10 of our affordable weekly classes. Click here to get started in Calgary.

Spiritual Warfare Workshops

Workshops Spiritual Warfare Help / Family Restoration & Healing
Are you worried about a rebellious teen? Are you tormented by fear or panic attacks? Are you falling prey to addiction or compulsions? Are you weighed under the bondage of a bad habit or a stronghold of sin, unable to find freedom? Is your marriage beginning to feel more like a private hell than a partnership? Are you or someone you love sinking into hopelessness and despair? If you or someone you love is experiencing any of these concerns, this course is prayerfully designed to help you find the victory and peace Christ has promised to give you. This is a 10 week course on spiritual welfare with a strong biblical perspective to overcome Anxiety, Stress, PTSD and many other issues. There are 2 workbooks that come with this course and it is a 10 week commitment. Course is a solid two hours each week. A nonminal fee for workbooks. This class is based on the bible with Scripture readings. This course is designed for those who believe in the bible, our Heavenly Creator, who is the Father of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and our Messiah, Jesus Christ. This course provides in depth information for becoming free and overcoming stress, anxiety, PTSD and many other issues. Click here to get started in Calgary.

Our Marriage Today Classes & Spiritual Warfare Workshops are developed by Biblical Christian Leaders proven in their respective fields!

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