We offer a unique approach to healing and recovery. Rather than treating a symptom, we like to find the problem and start from there. A great example would be someone who has a sleep issue. We could recommend melatonin, valerian or even a prescription sleep drug, but you not sleeping at night is not your problem. Your problem is your body is reacting to your lifestyle and you not sleeping at night is the first symptom of your health issues. By masking the sleep issue another symptom will creep up, like arthritis, cramping, diarrhea, etc. Live Blood Analysis is a great way for us to see inside your body and recommend diet and lifestyle changes for healing and longevity. We like to call our diet the Liv it plan, because people start living when they start feeling good!

We offer a variety of health services. Our services are designed to educate, detox and energize you along with complete healing and rejuvenation.

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Cody, Tonya & Abigail Dahl

Cody, Tonya & Abigail Dahl

  • Live Blood Analysis - 2 1/2 hours. We offer individual, family and group rates. We recommend spouses and/or families come together.

  • Energy Meridian Testing - We offer Before & After Scans

  • SOQI Energy Therapy Sessions - 30 minute sessions

  • Ionic Footbath - 30 minute session

  • Health & Nutrition Consultations - 1 hour sessions

  • Medical Blood Test Analysis - We can analyze medical and lab blood test comparisons

  • Prescription Drug and Supplementation Analysis - End the confusion.

  • Raw Food Classes - Check our calendar for upcoming classes on the Event Page

  • Raindrop Therapy - Restoring Balance to the Body with Essential Oils

  • Essential Oils - Learn to use oils for physical and emotional healing.

Please call for rates and availability.

Sunday through Friday by appointment
Closed Saturday

Please call 403-254-5991 for appointment times and to schedule a session.

DIRECTIONS: Holy Cross Center, Henry Huang Building, Suite 310 2204 2 Street SW

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