Cody DahlCody Dahl is a certified Live Cell Blood Analyst and has been practicing for over 10 years. His expertise is detecting deficiencies and disease and creating a specialized diet to bring you back to optimum health. Cody was in poor health 10 years ago when he came to Journey of Health. The previous owner performed a live cell blood analysis on Cody and put him on a recommended diet that dramatically improved his health. Cody was so impressed with his miraculous recovery, he bought Journey of Health and felt it was a calling from God to help other people improve their health and overcome their addictions.

Cody’s technique and approach sets him apart from most analysis. His key dietary strategies for healing ailments with food specific to your diagnoses has helped many people overcome their health issues.

Cody has spent the last 10 years doing extensive research on live blood analysis, diet, nutrition and water. His proven results and referrals keep customers coming back. His knowledge in the health industry has impressed some of the most influential health advocates and has been sought after to write a book and DVD on his hormone balancing technology, diet and live cell blood analysis. He has been fortunate to analyze some of the top raw food celebrities of today. Cody loves raw food, hiking, reading the bible and health books and being a dad to Abigail.


Tonya Cole Lightfoot Tonya Dahl is a Native Texan who was lied to by her Canadian husband that she would find Alberta refreshing and it really isn’t that “cold” up here. Well after 5 years she is finally acclimatized! Tonya is a certified raw food chef and her training consists of teaching classes in New York City, Calgary, Washington DC, Phoenix, Houston, Dallas and Austin, Texas under Naturopathic Doctor  Ritamarie Loscalzo, creator of Fresh n’ Fun living and in Maine under Alissa Cohen. She has taught over 800 people in Living on Live Foods and raw classes, taught for the Calgary library, Community Natural Foods, City of Calgary and written for Synchronicity, Purely Delicious, Body Soul & Spirit and City Style & Living Magazines. Tonya possess a knowledge in essential oils, detoxification, juice fasting, food (where to buy it, how to create with it and how to nourish with it) feeding your children a gluten and sugar free lifestyle and has an amazing talent with recipes.

Tonya smoked 2 packs a day for almost 18 years, had 3 miscarriages, chronic yeast infections, sever constipation, insomnia and lung cancer. The death of a loved one whom died of lung cancer at the age of 52 encouraged her to seek an alternative route for her ailments. Finding the raw food diet and overcoming her own health issues gave her a new lease on life and a healthy baby girl at the age of 39 with no complications! Tonya was Associate Publisher for the raw food magazine Purely Delicious, Editor Emeritus for The Turtle Creek News and founder and organizer of the Calgary Raw Food Potluck in Midnapore and Director for Get Calgary Healthy.

Tonya has a passion for essential oils, cooking, marriage restoration, a love for the Torah, homeschooling her child and a true love for helping and healing people.


Abigail Dahl Abigail is 9 years old and likes to eat healthy. She has been raised on raw organic goat's milk. She loves to read the bible ,play Minecraft, read Garfield, learn new things, practice first aid, read medical books, and traveling with Mom and Dad. Abigail has a sweet heart and has a passion for helping people who are injured or hurt. She loves to help cooking with her mom, biking with Dad, and anything that involves water, swimming, and has a love for all things within nature. She likes kitties and likes to be called Abcat ,and she even has a pet squad!

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